News & Annoucements About Proco A.Ş.
We are in Intermob Fair

We are in Istanbul Intermob Fair on 13-17 October.

Serbia Fair

We took our place between April 18th and 21st at the 44th Serbian Seebbe Building Fair this year.

Ukraine Fair

Since 1994 we have been at the InterBuild Expo (InterBud Expo), the most prestigious and prestigious building fair in Ukraine.

We are participating in Belgrade Seebbe Fair

Seebbe Construction Fair will be held in Belgrade from 18-21 April. We got our place. We will be honored with you.

Interbuild Expo in Kiev to Discuss

We are waiting to meet you at InterBuild Expo (InterBud Expo), the most prestigious building in Ukraine since 1994 and to evaluate your projects.

Production and Stock Area

As a result of the investments made in March 2018, our closed area has increased to 12.000 m2.