Quality Policy

"Quality is not controlled, produced"
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  • "To do something right, it takes less time to explain why it was wrong." - Henry Ford

  • Being respectful to the community and the environment we live in as we live within...

  • A strong and professional team, makes the success indispensable...

Within the framework of our company’s “Quality is not controlled, produced” approach,

Being respectful to the community and the environment we live in as we live within the framework of legislation and regulations by providing the protection of human health and proper working environment,

In the products and services we provide; to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level; to create a quality management system that aims to improve customer feedback effectively,

To increase our market share and competitive strength in the market by serving our customers’ needs in a quality level that will satisfy their expectations,

To increase trainings for continuous improvement; to raise awareness among all staff about the benefits they provide and to ensure that they form an institutional cul- ture,

ISO 9001: 2015 Ensuring and carrying out the applicable conditions by constantly monitoring the effectiveness of the quality management system and realizing the necessary improvements,

To create a fast and effective working system by using technological facilities in corporate communication with our suppliers and customers,

It is to be a company that creates value with the participation of our employees.

These principles determine our quality policy.

General Manager – Tuğrul Volkan Abuhan