Sezonluk Ürünler

Firmamızın temel hedefi ülkemizde yalıtım bilincini arttırmak, çevreye duyarlı ürünler üreterek enerji tasarrufu sağlamak, ülkemizde polietilen köpük ürünlerini en iyi kalitede ve en uygun fiyatlarla müşterilerimizin hizmetine sunarak katma değer yaratmaktır.

Seasonal Products

The main goal of our company is to increase insulation awareness in our country, to save energy by producing environmentally sensitive products, to create added value by offering polyethylene foam products to our customers in the best quality and most reasonable prices in our country.

Seasonal Products

Showing all 4 results


Showing all 4 results

  • Pool and Sea Noodles

    Profun sea buckthorn is polyethylene based materials produced by closed cell structure extrusion. It is a material suitable for pool and sea use. It is produced in 4 main colors.

  • Sea Chair

    It is a product made for those who want to experience the comfort of sitting in the sea or in the pool without any effort on the water.

  • Seat Cushion

    Made of low density polyethylene foam. Many areas are ideal materials for different purposes. Produced in fanatic colors.

  • Swimming Board

    The Profun swimming pool is an ideal access for enjoying the sea side and the pool. 0 is produced from recycled material. Rainbow colors are produced from perforated profiles. It can be used for many years with its durable structure which does not shrink.